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Floresteca manages the largest sustainable teak wood project in Latin America. With plantations stretching across 62,000 hectares (around the size of Greater London) it is the world's largest private producer of teak.


To achieve sustainable production, Floresteca is planning to plant 3,000 hectares of new plantations each year, using Floresteca's own nursery stock of approximately 4,500,000 seedlings annually. These are cultivated to an exceptionally high standard and once the cycle is complete, will result in a sustainable and renewable source of high quality timber, which is suitable for the international market.

Environmentally sound

During the past 18 years Floresteca has also brought over 24,000 hectares of natural forest under permanent protection. Existing forests are protected and transitional zones created into which plants and animals can migrate undisturbed. As a result of this effective protection policy, these species can reproduce undisturbed.

Social Standards

Currently Floresteca provides jobs for more than 400 local workers, all of whom either live on the farms or commute from the local towns by chartered bus each day. The minimum wage paid by Floresteca is approximately 30% higher than the average wage paid to agricultural workers in the region.

The workers also receive social security contributions, healthcare facilities, basic food hampers and many other additional benefits. These include schools, literacy classes, first aid training and professional qualification programmes, sport and leisure facilities, community transport and a waste separation programme. It all helps to create a vibrant and loyal community.

Data is at 16th November, 2012.

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